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Going forward RN-44’s can be scheduled by Revivalink if requested.


If there are no PRN visits available, the nurse has to write an order “for a hospital hold” and plot the RN-44 on the visit.  This Order will have to get approved by the CM and then scheduling can schedule the RN-44.


If there is a PRN visit that can be pulled to become an RN44, and order will not be necessary.


To schedule the RN-44 using a PRN visit, it must be done in the order below


  1. Double-click on the Blue PRN- schedule as a PRN
  2. Double-click – change the visit date
  3. Double-click – change the service code to RN-44


Please email the clinical and ask them to sync and chant the transfer.


As always the pt should be admitted for 24 hrs. 

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