Resetting Tablet Password
Posted by on 11 Sep 2013 02:14 PM

If a clinician is having a problem with their tablet password and is getting an invalid password message, the tablet password should be changed as follows:

1. Go to HCHB Home Central Page

2. Click the HCHB ORB in the upper lefthand corner of the page

3. Under Tools, Click "Mobile Device Setup Code Generator" and a pop up will display.

4. In the "Application" box, click dropdown arrow and select POINTCARE. 

5. In the "Worker" box, click the ... and select the user whose password needs to be changed.

6. Click the blue "Generate Setup Code" bar which will display the new setup code.

7. Tablet user should start PointCare.

8. On login page, tap the menu lines on top righthand corner.

9. Tap "Recover Password"

10. In the "Setup Code" box, enter the setup code that was generated in step 6 above.

11. Tap the "Validate" bar and a New Password Popup will display. 

12. Enter New Password in the "New Password & in the "Confirm Password" boxes and press the "Save" bar.

13. Login using the new password