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Thursday, February 02, 2012

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Surgical Wounds

Not considered surgical wounds

Orthopedic pin sites

Wounds that have been debrided

Central line sites

Skin graft recipient site

Skin graft donor site

Simple I & D

Wounds with drains

(and after drain removed)

PICC lines

Implanted Infusion site

(even if not functional)

Cardiac Cath sites

Venous access devices

(even if not in use)

Any ostomy (tracheostomy, gastrostomy, colostomy, ileostomy)

Muscle flap

Pressure ulcer that is sutured closed

A shave, punch or excisional biopsy site (until 30 days after epithelization- forms a scar)

Enterocutaneous fistula developed as  a result of surgery

Pacemaker insertion site

Chest tube sites

(if drain present report it in M1350)

Peritoneal Dialysis catheter or AV shunt as long as it remains in the pts body.