Dummy Authorizations
Posted by on 17 Mar 2014 04:29 PM

Creating Dummy Authorization Codes

  1. Go to Clinical Input
  2. Search by Client Name 
  3. Double Click Client Name in the correct episode
  4. Click Payor Sources on Left Panel
  5. Right Click Primary Payor Source
  6. Click "Add Authorization"
  7. Click dropdown arrow in Program box and select "Routine Visits - Intermittent"
  8. Uncheck "Pending Authorization" and "Generate Reauthorization Workflow" checkboxes.
  9. Enter Service Code in "Authorization No" box. (ex. RN44, PT44, OT44, RN66, PT66, OT66, etc.)
  10. Leave the "Start Date" and "End Date" dates. These should be the entire cert period.
  11. Enter Comments if needed
  12. When done, click Save
  13. Click the Plus Sign to the left of Primary Payor Source to display authorizations
  14. Right click on the dummy authorization that was just created above
  15. Click "Add Authorization Detail"
  16. Click drop down arrow to the left of "Billing Codes" box and select correct discipline
  17. Enter in the "Qty per Period" the amount of visits needed. Enter a 1 for a TIF.
  18. Click Save