Discharge from Agency Detailed Instructions
Posted by on 23 Jul 2013 12:05 PM

Procedures for Discharging a Patient from the Agency on the Tablet. 

1. Add a "DISCHARGE SUMMARY" Coordination Note:

Navigate to Notes:

a) From outside a visit: Menu > Medical Records > Click Patient > Click any Visit Date > Features > Notes. 
b) From within a Visit (except SOC): On the Visit Actions page, click Notes.

Click "Add" to add a Coordination Note. From the "Type" dropdown, select "DISCHARGE SUMMARY" and enter text in the "Note" section. Click the Back arrow. If displayed note looks correct, click "Save" in the box that asks "There are unsaved changes. Save them?" If displayed note does not look correct, click "Discard". If saved, note will be displayed. If correct, click Back arrow. If incorrect, press the order and hold it which will enable you to View, Edit, Delete, or Copy the note. 

2. Add a "DISCHARGE FROM AGENCY" order and, if needed, add an "Agency Discharge with Visit" or an "Agency Discharge without a Visit" to the Calendar. 

Navigate to New Orders:

a) From outside a Visit: Menu > Medical Records > Click Patient > Click a Visit Date > Features > New Orders. 
b) From within a Visit: Visit Actions > New Order 

Click "Add" to add a new order. Review "Physicians" section and correct if necessary. From the "Order Type" drop down, select "DISCHARGE FROM AGENCY". Enter text in the "Instructions" section. If there is a Discharge Visit (RN18, PT18, RN66, or PT66) already scheduled click Save. If no Discharge Visit is scheduled, in the "Reasons" section, click "Add Calendar". Click today's date or a future date to request an Agency Discharge visit to be approved and scheduled. The day and date will be displayed. If correct, click Add. From the Clinician drop down, select the correct clinician type (Skilled Nurse or Physical Therapist). Search and click the correct Service Code (RN18 or PT18 for with a visit, or RN66 or PT66 for without a visit). Service Code will be displayed. If incorrect, click and hold the Service Code to Delete and choose a different code. If correct, click Back arrow. The "Is this frequency ok?" question will display. Click Yes. Click "Save" if order is correct or "Discard" if order is incorrect. 

3. Sync your tablet.

If done outside a visit or if done within a visit and chart is completed, order will go to the clinical manager's workflow for approval and then to scheduling to be scheduled to your device. When it is scheduled, the next time you sync, visit will appear on your tablet.