Supply Requisition
Posted by Mimi Kahan on 19 Aug 2015 01:00 PM

First step-à Enter supply order: 

  1. Always enter the order first -à select order type (physician verbal order)
  2. Enter supply description in text box (Ex: Patient requires 4x4 gauze for wound care on left hip, frequency updates, etc..)
  3. Scroll down and do NOT forget to tap on “add supplies”
  4. Next screen will show supplies if patient did previously have them.

. If these are required then tap and hold each supply, next screen will   appear and just type in that supply. Then tap and hold on correct supply you need – press ADD.

  1. Do the same with the rest of supplies if needed. (If no previous supplies appear you will then need to enter them.
  2. Press save when done.

Next step--à Entering Supply Requisition: 

  1. Go to “Order Supplies” (This is your requisition)
  2. Press ADD on bottom
  3. Next screen----à Make sure the “formulary” box is always Unchecked
  4. Start at top of screen:

. Tap on supply line (automatically all supplies appear- select all

. Tap on vendor line (select all again- metrostar)

. Search line – type in first supply à hit refresh

  1. Tap and hold on supply that appears and this will take you to the quantity   
  2. Click on “choose a delivery method”
  3. Then Choose your quantity
  4. Press SAVE
  5. Press ADD on the bottom to complete the rest of supplies ordered
  6. Repeat these steps until you are finished.
  7. Sync your tablet when requisition is complete
  8. This will now have to be approved by your clinical manager.

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