Service Codes
Posted by on 25 Jul 2013 11:01 AM

Most Commonly Used Service Codes


RFA1      RN00     SOC                       

RFA3      RN15     ROC      

RFA3      RN05     ROC/Recert (ROC in 5 day window)

RFA4      RN02     Recert

RFA5      RN17     SCIC (Follow up Visit)

RFA6      RN44     Transfer Hold no visit

RFA7      RN44     Transfer Discharge no visit

RFA8      RN88     Death at Home

RFA9      RN18     Discharge w/visit

RFA9      RN66     Discharge W/O visit


                SN11     Revisit

                RN10     Revisit with Supervision

                SN-PRN  PRN visit

                RN25     Hi Tech visit

                RN19     Discipline Discharge


RN = Registered Nurse

SN = Skilled Nurse (RN or LPN)

PT = Physical Therapist

OT = Occupational Therapist

ST = Speech Therapist

HH = Home Health Aide

MS = Medical Social Worker

 copy of hchb nursing visit codes.xlsx (13.25 KB)